Shuffling and Issue Cards

The issuance of the card is according to the banker and only he should move it until he has given enough cards to each player.

The banker will place a card upside down on each player, starting to his left, circling the table and ending with him. All players except the banker can view their cards other than the banker.

Village on the resumption of issuing cards from left and round, the player places his respective bets in front of them. The lowest and highest initial bets must be agreed before the game starts, and each player can bet at any amount up to its maximum, but must bet at least on the lowest bet.

The banker will be given the second card facing each player, and all players will be dealt their two cards. When the banker has a Pontoon it is quickly displayed, and the banker collects the double bet la galaxy คาสิโน amount per player.

The Resident Player

If the banker does not have a Pontoon, starting from the left round, the player can try to improve their card if they want to get another card. If you are going to live, you have the following possibilities:

Declare Pontoon

If your two cards have ten o’clock, declare it by placing on the table that ten is upside down and the clock is lying on top of it.

Split your cards (split)

The banker will issue another card upside down with each hand, and you can play each hand individually, separately with separate bets. If another given card is as many as you split you can split it again, making three or even four npa separate hands on each bet. Remember that two cards numbered ten cannot be separated if they are not the same- two Queens are possible but Queen and Jack are not.

Buy cards

You need to increase your bet by adding a bet that is the value of your initial bet (for example if you have 6 initial bets you can add 6 to make 12, which can make a maximum of 18). The banker will give you the card upside down again. If the value is still below 21 you can buy a fourth card; now you can add half your bet and the amount you added. If your initial bet is 6 and you bought a third card of 10, you can buy a fourth card of any amount of 6 to 10. If your fourth card is still less than 21 you can still buy cards in the same way.

Ask for another card (Twist)

If your card value is less than 21 you can: ask for one more ”. Your bet will not be affected, and the banker will give you another card lying to add to your card count. If you still do not reach 21 you can still ask for a fourth card and a fifth in the same way.


If your card value is at 15 you can stay. Just stick to the cards you have, your bet will stay and the next hand will play.

If at all times buying or soliciting cards becomes greater than 21 you will bust; You can show your cards lying down, and the banker will take your bet and take the cards.

You can start buying one or more cards and keep asking, but once you have asked for a card you can not buy a card- all the cards you want can only be requested.

If your card reaches five cards that are less than 21 you have five card tricks, and you can no longer take cards.

At all times the value of your hand can be 15 and not higher than 21 you can stay, keep your cards and bets, and the bet will be passed on to the next player.

If you split your cards, you play with two hands one after the other – when you are hit or bumped with the first hand play the second.

Blackjack Rules

Blackjack is a card game that is becoming increasingly popular in casinos in the Philippines. Blackjack is just another card game played against the dealer who is the casino’s representative.


The objective of the game is to get a high hand against the dealer but smaller than Twenty one. When the card exceeds 21, it is bust or excess. But remember that when he is busted he loses, as well as the dealer is busted.

Table Selection

The Blackjack table will be known when the word “Blackjack pays 3 to 2 ″ is written. The rules of blackjack can also be chosen based on the table. These tables have a limit on who can play. The casino is higher when the barahacan decks are used. This game is great for new players because the cards are face up and players can ask for help.

Buying chips

When playing blackjack, you need casino chips to bet. You can buy at the dealer. The color of the chips is fairly standard in the gambling industry. Red is $ 5, green is $ 25 and black is $ 100. Chips also have a printed value.

Card Quality

The value of the ace is 11 but if it is mabust, in that case it should only count 1. The player’s hand is counted when if the ace value is counted as 11 it is called a soft hand, because it cannot be boasted when the player takes another card.

Card matching is no excuse in the normal game. The value of the hand is the sum of the total points counted on each card in the hand.


Before starting the game all players must place their bets. Once the cards have been handed out, the chips can no longer be moved. After issuing cards and losing, the dealer will collect the chips one by one and pay the winning player. The winner can run their winnings or pick up the chips on the table and place a new bet.

After placing the bets, the dealer will issue two cards each and two to him.- one is upside down and the other is lying down, the player cannot move the cards. You can only move the card with one hand, and it should remain on the table, and the newly issued card will remain on the table and will not be added to the card in your hand.


Hit / Stand

To let the dealer know that you want to have another card you must tap on your card table. To tell the dealer that you do not want another card, simply place your hand horizontally on your card.


In this case, you have two identical cards, you can split. This means you want to separate your cards, with separate and the same bet.


In this case, when the dealer’s cards are ace, it will offer insurance to the players. The player can use insurance to protect the original bet when the dealer wins blackjack. Insurance may be half your bet.


Some blackjack tables allow the player to “surrender” their bet. You can surrender or finish and give half of your original bet, when you feel you are not close to winning.